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Purposes of the KPI module

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a quantifiable metric that reflects how well an organization is achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Ecofleet KPI module enables to monitor organization’s most important indicators (such as fuel usage, driving distance etc.) and get a good and quick overview of them. It is much more easier and effective than observing and comparing the reports data.



In order to configure a new KPI choose:

  • Add
  • KPI type (what is the indicator you would like to receive the data about)
  • Period (day, week, month)
  • Calculation method (sum, average, maximum, minimum)
  • Quantifiable minimum and maximum ranges (A - good result; C - bad result)
  • Vehicles that are being observed (all vehicles, vehicles by groups, individual vehicles).
  • Save



Using the KPI module

KPI positions in module can easily been changed by simply dragging and dropping them. Refresh button at the upper right corner above the main view refreshes the data.


When you open the KPI vehicles and a graph are being displayed (the time range is always 3 months whichever period is set for measuring). If you only wish to view the best/worst you can easily exclude the average by checking the box “Show only best/worst”.



Event KPI

The KPI data usually comes from the reports, but there are some exceptions in which case data of other modules can be used. These KPI’s need to be configured separately (for example Setting -> Events). In that case number of events or events per 100 km (e/100km) can be measured.

To configure an event-based KPI you also have to set the observable event rule.


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