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The Reports module is accessed by clicking the Reports button on Ecofleet bar.



Purposes of Reports

  • Reports module allows you to query for detailed charts of information on your vehicles
  • There are some types of reports (daily report and period report) where the fields displayed may be customized by the user.
  • You can have reports periodically sent on your e-mail, without you logging into Ecofleet.
  • The reports may be exported and further edited outside Ecofleet.

Creating a Report

  1. Choose a report (The Type drop-down menu).
  2. Choose a time period (Options within the Timeframe box).
  3. Choose one or more vehicles (Options within the Vehicles box) and vehicle group (or groups).
  4. Click Create report.


If you choose one of the shortcuts for time period (“Today”, “Yesterday”, “This week”), then the report is created instantly.


Report column settings

Since every company has different needs and desires of what kind of data should be displayed in reports, it is possible to configure the reports in Ecofleet accordingly.

For configuration go to Settings -> Reports -> Report column settings and choose the desired report.

Configurable reports are:

  • Day report
  • Period report
  • Equipment report (has to be enabled by Ecofleet Support)
  • Shifts report (has to be enabled by Ecofleet Support)

The user can choose whatever columns to be displayed in report.


It is also important that all the changes will automatically be made in Default report (in Reports module named as Day Report).

reports-5-en reports-6-en

Besides the default settings it is possible to create additional views of the same (default) report. The user can set the report to be personal (only the creator can see it) or public (visible to other organization members as well).

Creating new report view:

  • click reports-save-as-new-est
  • name the report
  • mark whether the report is private or public


Created report view in the Reports module:



Available Report Types

The actual reports you have available may vary and can be configured in Settings -> Roles ("Report permissions").

  • Day report – A report where one row displays one day. The report is grouped by vehicle, if several are selected. The report is customizable, you can select the fields displayed under Settings > Reports > Report column settings > Day report.
  • Period report – A report where each row will display, for a vehicle, a summary of information. The report is customizable, you can select the fields displayed under Settings > Reports > Report column settings > Period report.
  • Engine hours report gives an overview of engine use, displaying organized by day:
    • Distance traveled - the distance that the vehicle moved throughout the selected period
    • Driving time – time during which ignition has been on and the vehicle has moved
    • Idling time – time during which the ignition has been on and the vehicle has not moved
    • Idling time % - the proportion of idling time to the total time when ignition has been on
    • Standing time – time during which the ignition has been off
  • Fuel report – displays any vehicle fuelings: date and time, location, contents of fuel tank before and after fueling and the increase. This report also displays sudden decreases in fuel tank, ie possible fuel theft.
  • Top destinations report – displays the destinations where the vehicles spent most time. The report displays number of visits for each vehicle, total and average time spent in location. The report is similar to areas report, however the latter only displays user-defined areas. The top destinations report also displays address locations.
  • Areas report – displays the areas where the vehicles spent most time. The report displays number of visits for each vehicle, total and average time spent in location.
  • Areas group report – similar to areas report, but area groups are displayed as nested.
  • Worktime report – displays the allocated working time in the first column, then actual working time in the other columns, time vehicle was used outside working time and its proportion to vehicle use inside working time.

Configuring an Automatic Report

It is likely that you need some information on your vehicles regularly. An alternative to logging in to Ecofleet and creating a report is to configure SeeMe to e-mail the reports to you daily, weekly, or monthly.


To create a new Automatic Report, select Settings -> Reports, then click Add new. You will need to make the following choices:

  • Send to - enter an e-mail address to receive the report.
  • Report type - choose one of the types listed above.
  • Interval - select either daily, weekly or monthly. The report will be generated for the previous time period of the selected type.
  • Sending day - for a weekly or monthly report, select to have the report sent on a specific weekday or a day of the month.
  • Format - choose whether the report should be sent in PDF, HTML, Excel or CSV format.
  • Vehicles - reports can be generated for all vehicles, vehicles by groups or individual vehicles from the list.



Report favourites

It is possible to save report favourites for frequent use. In order to create a new favorite report:

  • go to Settings -> Reports -> Report favorites
  • click "New"
  • choose a name for yout report
  • choose a desired report from the drop-down menu
  • choose the vehicles for you report
  • click "Save"


You can see the created report in Reports module -> "From template"



Useful Tricks

  • All reports may be sorted in reverse order. To do so, move mouse over heading of first column, after which a downward arrow appears at right corner. Clicking the arrow opens a menu. Selecting Group by This Field reverses the ordering. This property is helpful in day report, which by default is grouped by vehicle and then by date, but which can be reversed – grouped first by date and then by vehicle.
  • From many reports you can open the same information in another module. The report will remain open in the Reports tab.
    • Double-clicking a row in the Day, Engine hours and Fuel reports opens the day in the Map view.
    • Double-clicking a row in the Week report views the data in the Trips module.
    • Double-clicking a row in the Top destinations, Top routes, Areas report will open the location in a small map window.
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