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There are three kinds of people in Ecofleet:

  • Users. These are registered Ecofleet users in the organization. They may also be drivers.
  • Drivers. These are drivers for the vehicles in Ecofleet. They may also be users.
  • Contacts. To this category of people belongs any person Ecofleet keeps track of for whatever reason, but who are neither users nor drivers.

Creating a new person

In order to add a new user, click New person on the upper left corner of the screen. This will create a new person. The new person is by default a mere contact. Then fill in the e-mail address, first name, last name and the phone number. Click Save.

The person can only be saved if you've entered at least the e-mail address. The reason for this is that as a minimum, all people are contacts who may be sent messages to.


Making the person a user

Check the Is user checkbox. Several new options are now displayed for the person.


  • Click the Generate password button to give the new user a password.
  • Tick any roles the user ought to have. Roles are created and managed under Settings -> Roles.
  • Select the vehicles the user should see. This can be either all vehicles, vehicle groups, or an individual selection from all vehicles.

Making a person a driver

Check the Is driver checkbox. Several new options are now displayed for the person.


  • Type the Dallas key for the driver in the Key: box.
  • Select skills with the help of Has skills checkbox and drop-down menu.
    • A person can have multiple skills.
    • New skills can be created and existing ones edited under Settings -> Categories -> Skills.
    • Skills can include any degrees, certificates, licenses, qualifications of any sort.
  • Check the Is hauler feature to define the person as a hauler. This feature is generally used to indicate third party contractors to the organization.
    • Choosing the option Ecofleet allows you to select from vehicles already entered to system.
    • Choosing the option External allows you to enter any description for the vehicle.
    • The hauling company name can be typed into the Company: name.

Enabling private zones


Check Has private zones to enable one or more private zones for the user. This feature is primarily used in Scandinavian countries and required by labor unions. The substance of this is protection of privacy of employees - that every employee should have a zone where they are not observed by other employees. In most cases this would be their home.

To use private zones:

  • Administrator must allow the feature for your organization.

  • You must create an area for the private zone of the employee in the Areas module. Check the Sets address checkbox when creating a new area so it would appear in the private zones list for the user.

  • Check the Has private zones checkbox and select the area for the relevant private zone in the list.

  • Click Save.

As long as private zones are enabled, then when a person who is a driver of a vehicle, enters his or her private zones, then the vehicle will disappear from the map.

This setting applies only to the real-time monitoring part of the map view. It means that if the track is loaded, it would still show person going through the private zone.


Deleting a person

To delete a person, select the person in the list and click Delete person above the list (button next to Add new).

NB! By deleting a person reports and journal data connected to this person will no longer be accessible either. If you wish to keep the journal data only uncheck the "Is User" checkbox ("Is Driver" remians checked). The person remains in database but cannot log in to Ecofleet system anymore.

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