FC RFID reader konfigurationskort



Configuration of the reader

Configuration of the reader is done by holding down the button and then showing the card to the reader while still holding down the button. It should flash green twice  and then red twice to acknowledge config change.



A quick explanation on configuration functionalitites:

Ruptela Pulse FC:

Reads only Fleet Complete card IDs (even the config cards themselves)

Green and red LED’s are off by default and can be activated with an output (e.g. showing driver registration, DIN feedback or need for registration).

P.S. since there is some very weak current trickling back through the readers input wires, then if a very low current buzzer (<10 mA) is attached to that same output, a diode needs to be put between the reader’s input wire and the buzzer/output connection to allow current flosing only towards the reader, otherwise the buzzer will keep on working even after output goes OFF. Won’t affect a starter blocking relay, since these are usually ~140 mA.

Button sends a pulse signal of about 3,4 volts to an input. Used for panic button or if a controller itself allows trip type toggling feature.


Ruptela Pulse UID:

Same as the previous one, but reads the UID code of any 13,56 MHz Mifare classic card (this can cause a LOT of „phantom drivers“ in the system, as there’s a 13,56 MHz chip in quite a lot of cards in the wallet by now, so it’s really not recommended).


Ruptela ToggleSW FC:

Reads only Fleet Complete card IDs (even the config cards themselves)

Green LED is off by default and can be activated with an output.

Red LED shows button state – when output is active, the red LED is ON.

Button press turns the output signal ON when pressed once and OFF when pressed again. Used for trip type selection. When reader loses power, the output state is reset to OFF – meaning that if reader gets power from ignition, the trip type is reset after ignition off and when next trip starts.


Pointer config card:

Default Pointer (MGS230) configuration card, as made by ITMobile. Only difference is reader output signal inverision, as Pointer devices will accept a groundsignal from the button press.

Button acts as a push button (button press toggles the trip type in device).

Only accepts Fleet Complete card ID’s (even the config cards themselves).


Ruptela config cards will work the same way also on Teltonika devices.



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