How to register a new GPS device in a vehicle


Device replacement - adding a new device to a vehicle already in the system

  • This tutorial is for the technician installing a new GPS unit in a vehicle. It describes how to register a replacement of a tracking device (GPS) in a vehicle, when the vehicle already exists in the Ecofleet platdform.
  • This replacement procedure will let the Ecofleet system know that from now on it must use data from the new tracking device to position the vehicle, while still keeping the GPS data intact from the old tracking device.
  • Device replacement is done via simple web tool.
  • To access you should have PIN from Ecofleet support. If you do not have a PIN code, then please submit a request using the Customer Service page.


  1. Login to
  2. Type your access PIN.

3. Search for the old tracking device that will be replaced. Search by typing the IMEI number of the unit or the license plate of the vehicle.

4. Click on 'Device Change'.

5. Enter the new IMEI of the new GPS tracking device.

6. If the new device is shown with 'Device Serial' , 'Device make' and 'SIM number', then press 'Save changes'. If not, then please fill in the information before pressing Save.

7. After replacement of the GPS, please turn ignition on the vehicle to verify that data is entering the Ecofleet platform correctly.

 8. If data enters correctly, press 'Installation report' and the systems will register the installation.


Moving previously installed tracker to new vehicle

This part of the tutorial cowers how to register a tracking device moved from one vehicle to a new vehicle. For instance, when a vehicle has been sold and new one is bought and the client wishes to shift device from the old (now sold) vehicle to the new vehicle.

Registering the movement is done in two phases:

  1. Terminating the old object representing the old vehicle in Ecofleet
  2. Adding new object – vehicle (similar to adding entirely new device to the system)

Phase 1 - Terminating the object representing the old vehicle

Now click on ’demontage’ report

Phase 2 – create new object for the new vehicle

Confirm data reception

Click on ‘installation report’


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