Ecofleet Tacho module enables to:

  • have an overview of drivers activities in real-time with number values
  • have an overview of the violations as they happen
  • download the tachograph files regardless of the driver, his activities or location of the vehicle

In the main window of Tacho module an overview is displayed with following fields:

  • Driver
  • Status (working etc.)
  • Time left until next rest
  • Drive time left today
  • Next daily rest
  • Drive time left this week
  • Next weekly rest
  • Time of last status change
  • Last file

In the top right corner of the overview you can see the “Refresh” button. By pressing this button you will get new data in every 30 seconds.


Doubleclick on a driver will open a timescale of working and resting hours in a new tab. Next to the date fields a dropdown menu will open where you can choose the time period you wish to get the data for (Today, Yesterday, This week, Previous week, This month etc.).


For a better overview the working and resting hours have different size and color:


violet - driving time (tachograph will start the calculation automatically)

green - working time (time when the driver is working but not driving. For example loading, changing the tire etc.).

blue - ready to work

grey - resting time

Menu buttons in the bottom right corner enable you to:

  • print the timescale
  • create the pdf-file of the timescale

In case there is a violation committed during the working day, it will automatically appear on the timescale described below the day it happened:


Next to the overview the Tachograph Files and File download log tabs are displayed.

To insure that the calculation of working and resting hours is official, it is possible to send the data to the system directly from the tachograph (*.ddd files). In order to do that the chipcard software and company card (issued by the local authority) is necessary.

Chipcard software can be downloaded by clicking the button “Download card reader software“ on Ecofleet Tacho module.


Drivers files - gives an overview of organization’s drivers and their tachograph files.

The files have different colors to simplify the view:

green - the file is valid (newer than 28 days)

yellow - the file updating deadline is approaching (5 days left)

red - the file is expired and needs to be updated

In the same tab you can see whether the driver has activated his card in a car that is currently in an active state. In that case it is possible to download the tachograph file in Ecofleet (by clicking the file).

Vehicles files - enables to see the vehicle status and whether it is possible to download the tachograph file.

File download log - enables to see the file download summary (for example. which user downloaded the tachograph file and when was it done). Good to track whether the download was successful and if it was not, what was the error message like.



Saving the tacho files

  • Download and configure the chipcard software (on the 1st time)
  • Insert the company card and connect to the computer
  • Open the Files section in Ecofleet Tacho module
  • Choose the files (vehicles or drivers) and start the download):


The download statuses are:

  • started
  • in progress
  • done
  • failed

Data download examples:


File download is run on the background so there is no need to be logged on Ecofleet during this process.

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