Tasks on mobile


Tasks on Mobile

In order to use the Task module SeeMe application has to be installed on your mobile device.



Task list

Tasks are divided into three groups:

  • Active - tasks that are assigned to a specific driver and are in status “todo” or “in progress” are displayed here
  • History - past and future tasks
  • Vacant - unplanned tasks that don’t have a driver chosen but do have a task time set are displayed here.


For a better overview the statuses of the tasks have different colors:

  • todo - black
  • in progress - blue
  • failed - red
  • done - green

According to rights new tasks can be created both in web and on mobile. The driver will instantly get a notification about a new task.

Example. Adding a new task on mobile device



Task-related actions

In main window of a new task the task name and address are displayed. Menu bar of the main window contains following actions:

  • View task - task address marked on the map and main information about the task is displayed.
  • Start navigation - directions from the current location to task address is displayed using Google Maps. Task status will automatically be set as “in progress”.
  • Add to queue - task will be added to task list and will be visible in “History”.


By clicking View task a bigger map and further information about the task will be displayed on pages (in case these are set on web):

  • Customer data
  • Forms
  • Messages

An icon taskmobile-lk-en will appear in order to inform you about additional information located on pages.


Icons on the top menu bar:

  • Attachment - files added to task
  • Photos - enables to browse photos added to task on web and also to take photos by mobile and add them to task.
  • Edit task - according to rights enables to edit the task (change the task time and duration, assign the task to another driver etc.). All the changes will appear on web also.

taskmobile-6-en Example. Changing the task time.


On the lower menu bar following buttons are displayed: *Message* - send a message (will be displayed automatically on web as comments).
Begin** - start the task' *Reject - reject the task. In that case the task will be displayed under “unplanned tasks” on web.


For completing the task possible statuses are done and failed. On both cases a message has to be added to the task (some of the messages can be predefined on web).


Example. Completing the task and sending the message.


It is also possible to demand a signature of the addressee of the task. In order to do that according form has to be set as signable on web Settings -> Task forms. By saving a form on mobile device a window will appear for signing.



Map View

By clicking on a map in a main window of the task a bigger map will open. Task location is marked with a special icon:


The map can be zoomed in and out by pressing the + and - keys or by using the two finger zoom. Drag the yellow Pegman to a location on the map to view street-level imagery with Google Street View. By clicking an icon (...) on the top right corner of the map view following functions will open:

  • Map layers - Google map is displayed automatically. “Map layers” contains alternative map views.
  • Navigate to destination
  • Show route
  • Locate current position


Also see the chapter Map on the user manual.

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