The Messages module provides two-way communications via Garmin, or alternatively via SMS or e-mail.

To access the Messages module, click on the Messages button on the Ecofleet toolbar.



Purposes and benefits of the Messages module

  • Enables to use Garmin navigators to communicate with drivers, instead of phone calls or SMSs, saving on roaming costs.

  • Destination coordinates can be sent directly to the Garmin navigator. This way the driver does not have to manually enter coordinates from an SMS into the navigator while driving.

  • Destinations can be pin-pointed on map and sent with coordinates and addresses. In some cases it is useful to send exact location coordinates instead of an address. An example is a destination situated at huge business premises with a front area for regular vehicles and a parking lot in a remote part of the premises.

  • Comments may still be added to the messages if certain features (traffic schemes etc) are not apparent on the map.

  • It is possible to have a copy of all communications to be sent to e-mail.

  • Communications can also be sent to Garmin from e-mail. This makes it possible for persons responsible for vehicle communications to work from a mobile office, using smartphones or other devices with e-mail capability.

Messages view


Contents of the Messages view

The Messages view displays the messages listed from a chosen time period. If there are no messages displayed, it is likely that during the chosen time no messages were sent.


The following information is displayed about the messages:

  • Time. The time the message was sent.

  • Server. SeeMe user that sent the message.

  • An arrow connecting the Server and the Device. Messages from the Server to the device are marked with a green arrow pointing right. Messages from the Device to the Server are marked with an orange arrow pointing left.

  • Device. The name of the device, which may also show a phone number or an e-mail address.

  • Type. The type of the device, may be either Garmin, SMS, or e-mail.

  • Message. The content of the message.

  • Status. Status of the message may be one of the following:
    • Sent. The message was sent to device, but it may not have been received.
    • Delivered. The message was sent to device and was received.
    • Expired. If sent to Garmin, message expires if it was not delivered in a week after being sent. If sent to e-mail or SMS, message expires in a day.

Options on the Messages view

  • Choice of time period. By default, only messages from the current day are displayed. To change that, you can either
    • Enter a time period manually. Type a starting date and ending date for the period, or use the calendar applets for choice of dates. Then, click the Load messages button.
    • Use preselected time periods. A number of time periods are suggested in the drop-down menu attached to the Load messagesbutton. Choose one of them to immediately load a display of messages from the period suggested.
  • Refreshing. All messages at the view may be refreshed by clicking the Refresh button at the upper right corner above the main view.
  • Sorting. Each column in the view may be sorted either in an ascending or a descending view through a pull-down menu on the heading of any of the columns.
  • Filtering. Typing in any of the text boxes below the column headings filters the displayed results.
  • Removing unnecessary columns. Hover mouse cursor over any of the column headings. Click on the button at the right side of the heading to open a pull-down menu. From the menu, select Columns and uncheck the boxes before the names of any unnecessary columns. Thereafter the unchecked columns will not be displayed.

Sending messages


Sending messages from the Messages module

To create a new message, click on the Send new message button.


On the Send Message pop-up window, the following fields must be filled:

  • Receiver The recipient of the message is chosen from a drop-down menu. The two fields below the drop-down menu are filled automatically.
  • Destination or Address. Allows you to enter an address, primarily to indicate the next destination to the driver. The pointing finger icon brings Ecofleet to the map view where you can point and click at a desired destination. Ecofleet will fill the Destination with the address of the pointed location. If the message has no destination, a regular message (envelope icon) will be sent to Garmin. If the message has a destination, a waypoint will be sent to Garmin.
  • Message. The content of the message.

Sending messages from the Map view

Messages can also be sent from the Map view. From the Map view, messages can have either the vehicle data or the location data pre-filled.

Sending a message to a selected vehicle

To send a message to a selected vehicle, right-click on the pin marking the vehicle. From the pop-up that opens, click Send message Then, follow the instructions above. The vehicle data will be pre-filled.

Sending a message with a location pre-filled

To send a message with a location pre-filled, right-click on a location. From the pop-up that opens, click Send message. Then, follow the instructions above. You will have the destination pre-filled.


More options


Resending Messages

To resend a message already sent, select an already sent message from the list, then click on the Resend Message button at the lower left. You may review and edit the message before resending.


Exporting and Printing Messages

To export the messages to a file or to print them, use the buttons at the lower right of the screen. It is possible to export files to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Microsoft Excel (XLS).


Advanced options relating to Messages


Predefining messages

For repeatedly and commonly sent messages, it is possible to define the messages under Settings -> Categories -> Garmin predefined messages. This will allow admin user to define short replies for drivers that are stored inside Garmin devices.



Forwarding Garmin messages to e-mail

To receive a copy of incoming Garmin messages to an e-mail address, check the Forward Garmin messages to my email box in the My Settings tab under Settings.

If the setting is activated, messages sent from Garmin are sent to the defined e-mail address. Every message will have as the From: address an e-mail address keyed to the unique Garmin device, so it is possible to immediately reply to the e-mail.


Sending messages to a Garmin device from e-mail

Each Garmin device is assigned a unique e-mail address to which messages from a company e-mail address can be sent. Having a fixed address for each device makes it possible to keep communicating to Garmin devices in your e-mail software.

There are two conditions for Garmin-email communication:

  1. The message must be sent from an e-mail address that is a registered Ecofleet user in the organization.

  2. The message must be sent to a Garmin device that has an e-mail address in the format {objectid}
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