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SeeMe API makes some of FC+ features available for external applications. In order to start using API, you need API key. Key is just one text field, what is assigned to API user, and API key has all rights and permissions, what API user has. Please read this article, how to get and manage rights for such API key.

FC+ has two endpoints, depending on in what server your account is hosted. Official API page are in addresses:

It is user interface, what lists all available API calls, and allows to test them with your existing API user. You can play with various parameters there.

API guide is just user interface for actual API calls. In your real application, you have to call API commands with direct API links, and pass correct GET parameters.

There are following direct API addresses in use, depending on what server are you using:


Start every call with that endpoint. In this guide, we're using first one, but replace it with other one, if your account is in different server.

All API calls contains at least one parameter key, what passes API key. For example, this test call:

lists all vehicles, what are shared out to API user.

All API responses have same generic response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<status>query status</status>
<response>query data</response>
<errormessage>some error message</errormessage>


  • status shows, was query successful or not. All nonzero values show problem
  • message contains useful data for that API call
  • errormessage, if exists, contains error message about why query was unsuccessful.

See some deep analysis, how to handle and manipulate API calls, here.

Some API calls are so advanced, that they must be covered separately. Other articles under that section help you out to get working some advanced commands.

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