Every task has built-in fields, what are available for all tasks.

For typed task, you can configure, what fields are available, and mandatory.

  • task name - title, or summary of task
  • customer - every task can have attached customer, what can be real customer with address and coordinates, or just freely written text.
  • location - usually taken from customer address, but you can manually specify address, where this task is located
  • duration - needed for optimization
  • description - addition to task name, and may contain details or comments for task
  • photos - you can add photos to task via mobile app
  • attachments - you can add other files to task either via browser or mobile app
  • optimization - additional fields for optimisation. It has only point, if you have optimization feature enabled.

when you have typed tasks, you can turn every item on and off and set, is that field mandatory to fill or not.


If you have customers module enabled and customers imported, you can link your task with actual customer. In that case, in task window, there is separate tab "customer", what contains summary from customer info, or all fields, what are marked as "customer profile".

In order to link customer name to actual customer, you have to start typing customer name and let system to find matches. If customer with that name is found, it appears in hints. Now you have to click on that suggestion. This creates database link to that customer. Also, customer address is automatically filled into location field.

If you just type customer name into tasks without clicking that suggestion, task is saved without link to customer, but you still have customer name associated with task. If you need location for task, you have to fill location manually.

Here is video clip, what shows this difference:



Here's how tasks look like with and without those items.

Here's empty task: only driver, status and timestamp is visible.


Task name

Here's task with only name item, up to 400 characters length:



This is how task looks like with only customer field:



Task with only location field:



This adds small number field next to task due date:



If enabled, allows to insert longer comment about nature of task.



Adds photos - tab. In mobile app, you can upload existing photos, or use camera directly.



Adds extra button into the button bar with ability to add extra files to ticket. Also, if you upload photos, they go to photos-tab.


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