Document editor is tool for making custom forms for tasks. When you open task and export it as HTML or PDF, it creates nice graphical summary of that task.

Default, task printout may pretty lame, something like this:


With document editor, you can turn it into this:

In this section we will cover, how to use document editor.


Following features must be enabled from your account manager:

  • "use task types"
  • document editor module

Setting up

You need to:

  • set up task types
  • add necessary forms
  • make forms and task types linkable, what means, fill external ID-s on every fields of forms and task types
  • create demo ticket, what contains testing material, and sign it, if needed. You need it's ID for document editor.


First, find ID of demo ticket. Add column ID to task list to see that:


Now, in Document Editor, select task type you want to configure, and write that ID to textbox:


This task is basis for your template you're creating or opening.

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