There is possible to import assets from external file.  You have to compose it in spreadsheet and save it as CSV file, and set encoding to UTF-8, if possible.

Column names in file are important. They tell to importer, what information is found in that column. You can write them in lowercase, uppercase or with mixed characters, there is no difference, but important is that they are same with specification, otherwise importer cannot find meaning for them.

Following columns are supported:

  • Name - asset name
  • Number - asset serial number
  • Status - possible values are OK, Missing, Lost, In Use, Defect. They are case sensitive, so you have to write them exactly like written here.
  • Groups - comma-separated list, what must contain either existing or new values. Groups, what do not exist, will be created with black and 75% grey colour.
  • Tags - tag numbers as comma-separated list
  • NextService - date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Depot - name of area
  • ResponsiblePerson - driver name or e-mail


This is how one example file should look like.

Name Number Status Groups TagNumbers NextService Depot ResponsiblePerson
Asset1 123 OK Manual, Electrical 2,5,88 2015-10-10 AreaName
Asset2 345 Missing Automatical 3,56 2015-10-12 AreaName Jüri Tarkpea

Demo file is attached to that article.

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