Editor components



You can add following items to your document:

  • text - for showing random texts
  • table - for showing texts as table, or filling tabular data automatically
  • container - makes series of boxes stacked below each other. Container takes table array as input, and its subitems have that array items as context
  • chart - generates graph from numeric data
  • barcode - converts any number to barcode
  • QR code - converts any text to QR code
  • Image - add any custom image to editor, or convert signature to image
  • Header, footer - creates fixed box above or below to page, and page contents never overlaps it. Headers and footers are repeated on every page.
  • Rectangle, vertical line, horizontal line - just for drawing
  • Page number - creates text with predefined formula {page}/{total}
  • Symbol - creates text image with predefined icon
  • Checkbox - creates checkbox with programmable state
  • Radio - creates radio button with programmable state


Every compoment has left and upper position, width and length. Some components have more specific features available.


This can be used for most kind of cases, where you need any text in your page. You can insert fields and formulas with special syntax. Read about formulas here.


Read separate article about tables here.


Chart needs numeric source for generating data (data field property), and once it's selected, x-axis and y-axis, what represent data source for axis.

You can select from many types of charts. Possible charts are:

  • horisontal+bar
  • line
  • scatter
  • radar
  • exploded+pie
  • doughnut


There's separate page here.


document_editor_barcode.pngYou can generate barcode from some numeric field using formula/insert data field, or use fixed number.

QR Code

Turns any text into QR code. For example, in following picture, QR code is generated from name of signer (it's just an example, how it works).



You can use image for inserting logos from select local file or for signatures or from data field, when some input gives image value as base64 value. All signatures are forwarded to Document Editor as base64 value. Here is example of two of them, one random ugly logo and signature:


Header and footer

Headers and footers are sticked to every page, up and down, and you can place other components into it. If you want to increase area, where they should fit, open page properties and make indents smaller.

If your document has multiple pages, and you want to make headers and footers repeat on every page, insert new pages from right-click on current page - insert page, not from menu - insert - page. First one keeps same layout, last one starts new layout.


Checkbox, Radio

Main principle for them is to use proper formula to make each one of them checked correctly. Details about it are in separate page.

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