Privacy filter


Privacy filter is tool, what was developed after GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) took effect 25.05.2018. This is feature, what offers tool for companies, who need to fill that regulation.

Setting up

Open settings - organisation settings

  • In box Privacy filter, there is checkbox ☑ Privacy filter. Enable it and save settings
  • In box Working time, set working time for company
  • In vehicles, set default drivers, or use some sort of driver idenfication. When some vehicle has private trips, they are visible to their drivers. Private trips without drivers are not visible to anyone.


Privacy filter checks for working time to make sure, what time is private, what public. All trips in private time are visible only to driver, who owns that trip. For everyone else:

  • on map, current location is hidden
  • on map, route is invisible
  • trips and journal show only length and duration
  • reports hide driver, distance and location data. At the , following reports are supported:
    • trips and journal report
    • day report
    • period report
    • Journal report LV
    • Universal trips report LT

Private and public data

Fleet Complete view to data in view of GDPR is following:

  • trip date - public
  • trip time - private
  • trip route - private
  • trip duration - private
  • trip standing time - private
  • speed - public
  • driver - private
  • country - public
  • fuel consumption - public

Trips and journal difference

You may find, that trips and journal treat trips differently.


In trips module, we don't know, which trips are private, which public, so if they have drivers attached to them, they all are hidden to everyone but owner of trip.


In journal, all trips have manually assigned trip purposes, so business trips are visible to everyone. Private trips are visible only to their drivers.


Logbook does not use privacy filter, private trips are always hidden there from others.

Filling journal with privacy filter

If you happen to use privacy filter, and cannot fill journal, because all trips are already private, you have to do following:

  • set default drivers to every vehicle, or use whatever driver identification, like RFID, mobile, Tacho.
  • if you like, you can set up automatic journal feature from settings - organisation settings
  • new trips come with drivers accociated with them
  • owners of trips can fill journal, or journal is automatically filled with those drivers

Rememeber that you may not see trip in trips, but it may be visible in journal, if it's  business trip.

But there is no fix available for old trips in trips module, if they don't have drivers attached to them. You have to turn off privacy filter, fill journal with business trips, and turn on privacy filter again.

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