Update vehicles


Under Settings - Vehicles, there is button settings_vehicles_update_csv_icon.pngUpdate existing vehicles from CSV file. It allows mass-update vehicle properties using specially crafted spreadsheet file called comma-separated file (CSV). You can write it with regular spreadsheet software, and finally save to CSV format, and import data.

There is one mandatory field plate, what must correspond to plate field, or registration number of vehicle. All other fields will be bring together to real object and updated using that field.

There are following columns available:

  • plate - vehicle registration number
  • make - vehicle make
  • model - vehicle model
  • year - production year of vehicle
  • enginecapacity - vehicle engine capacity
  • fueltype - any text
  • vehicletype - any text
  • fuelcard - fuel card number or list of fuel card numbers separated with semicolon
  • co2emission -CO2 emission value
  • defaultdriver - driver e-mail or external ID
  • vehiclegroups - into which groups vehicle belongs to, needed for setting user view rights
  • notes - free text
  • name - vehicle name
  • homeareas - list of home areas for booking module
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