Autlo is Estonian company, what offers automatic parking feature using GPS trackers: if tracker arrives to parking lot, parking is started, and when leaving, parking is stopped. Autlo environment calculates and pays necessary parking fees automatically.

FC+ has integrated Autlo support. this works with ignition change events, what are sent to Autlo environment with car coordinates.


To start using this feature, you need your sales representative to enable some features from their administration environment:

  • you need access to Events module, and vehicles must have access to this module
  • Autlo event action must be enabled



Add all cars you use for parking, and put vehicle plate to object name field.


  • when Autlo event action is enabled, there appears checkbox ☑ autlo under settings - vehicles. Enable it for cars what should have Autlo authentication.
    • If checkbox is disabled, this vehicle does not have access to events module, like described in prerequisites. Contact to your customer manager to solve that issue.
  • vehicle plate must match with vehicle name in Autlo environment

Once Autlo is enabled at least for some of cars, system creates new event with name "Autlo" under settings - events. It has following properties:

  • condition: engine status change
  • vehicles: those having "Autlo" checkbox
  • time: always
  • location: everywhere
  • actions: ☑ Autlo

Checkbox under settings - vehicles actually just tells system to adjust Autlo event configuration, actual work is done by that event rule. You can manually adjust vehicles list under that event settings.

How does it work

Autlo event sends requests to Autlo server, when car ignition is turned on or off. It sends following details:

  • engine status: either ON or OFF
  • time
  • vehicle plate - same as vehicle name in Autlo settings. This will be used to match that car with Autlo
  • latitude, longitude
  • organisation name
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