Report of fringe benefit tax


Report of fringe benefit tax (Erisoodustusmaksu raport) is special Estonian report, what makes vehicle-based overview of all driving costs of personal trips.


You need your account manager to turn on feature uses kilometer cost under your organisation settings in administration side. This makes available two dialogs:

  • under settings - organisation settings, there comes dialog box Kilometer cost
  • under settings - vehicles - kilometer cost tab is visible.

Also, manager can turn on Erisoodustusmaksu raport in Report, and juhi erisoodustusmaksu raport (driver report of fringe benefit tax) if needed.

Setting up

First, set up kilometer cost:

  • under settings - organisation settings - kilometer cost, set up default value for all vehicles
  • if some objects need customised values, under settings - vehicles - kilometer cost, set up custom rate


This is journal-based report, so please fill journal, and filling driver is also highly recommended

Report overview

First, in Estonia, there are following tax rates:

  • maximum taxable cost of fringe benefit tax: before 01.01.2011, 4000 EEK, since then 256 EUR
  • income tax: before 01.01.2015, 21%, since then, 20%
  • social benefits tax: 33%
  • value-added tax (VAT): before 01.07.2009, 18%; before 01.12.2014, 20%; after that, 0%

Sum of fringe benefit tax is minimum of private trips cost and maximum taxable cost of fringe benefit tax:

sum = min (privateTrips * kmCost, maxTaxableCost = 256 EUR)

There are following columns:

  • data is grouped by vehicle name
  • private trips - total km of private trips in journal module
  • km cost - cost, what applies for that month defined in org or vehicle settings
  • currency - before 01.01.2011, EEK, since then EUR
  • taxable - sum minus VAT
    taxable = sum - vat
  • income tax is calculated following:
    incomeTax = sum * taxIncome/(1-taxIncome)
  • Social benefit tax
    socialTax = (sum + incomeTax) * taxSocial
  • VAT
    vat = taxable * VAT / (1-VAT)
  • fringe benefit tax
    fringeTax = vat + incomeTax + socialTax

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