Api/tasks group allows to manage tasks: add, modify, and read.

For adding tasks, you must use XML. There are two XML formats available, newer one supports task types.


API user must have access to tasks module. Individual task commands may require more specific permissions.

If you want to use forms or task types, please add externalId-s to all task types and form fields. There is guide for that here.



  • Api/Tasks/update - updates existing data
  • Api/Tasks/addXml (xml, version) - adds new task in XML format
  • Api/Tasks/updateAsXml (xml, version) - updates existing task
  • Api/Tasks/delete - deletes task
  • Api/Tasks/removeDriver - removes specific driver from task


  • Api/Tasks/get - gets task data
  • Api/Tasks/search - searches for tasks
  • Api/Tasks/getChanges - gets changes for period
  • Api/Tasks/getData -
  • Api/Tasks/getAttachment - gets attachment from task


  • Api/Tasks/settings/getForms - gets available forms
  • Api/Tasks/settings/getInlineFormDefinitions - gets data aboutforms that are inline
  • Api/Tasks/settings/saveForm - saves form data
  • Api/Tasks/settings/deleteForm - deletes form

Form fields

  • Api/Tasks/settings/getFormFields - get fields of specific form
  • Api/Tasks/settings/saveFormField - saves form field
  • Api/Tasks/settings/deleteFormField - deletes form field
  • Api/Tasks/settings/reorderFormFields - reorders form fields
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