Api/Vehicles allows to ask data about vehicles.


API user must have vehicles module, and some or all vehicles shared out, either all, by groups, or single vehicles. API user can see only vehicles, what are shared out for it.


  • Api/Vehicles/get - lists user vehicles
  • Api/Vehicles/getLastData (forceRefresh, objectId, objectPlate, objectName) - asks for last data of vehicles
  • Api/Vehicles/getRawData (objectId, begTimestamp, endTimestamp) - asks for vehicle route points
  • Api/Vehicles/getTrips (objectId, begTimestamp, endTimestamp) - asks vehicle trips
  • Api/Vehicles/setAvailability - currently has no purpose
  • Api/Vehicles/setGroups (objectId, groupIds) - sets vehicle groups
  • Api/Vehicles/getLastDataStaticMap (id, w, h, zoom) - generates image, what shows vehicle on map


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