AT2 Installation Guide


Caution! There is a risk of explosion if you replace the internal battery with a non- approved type of battery. Manage disposal of used batteries according to environmental compliance guidelines.


Waste Management: Equipment must not be disposed of with other household waste. The product must be transported to special collection points at the end of its life cycle.


1. Introduction AT2

The AT2 is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking bags, toolboxes, containers, trailers and other assets where long battery life and small form factor is required.

The device operates with 3 x AAA 1.5V lithium batteries which are available at any supermarket / hardware store and allows for the device to operate for up to 3 years depending on the device data settings.

Please make sure to insert the batteries with the correct polarity.

Once batteries are installed a red LED will start flashing indicating that the device is powered up and starting to acquire GPS fix and connecting to the servers.

1.1 AT2 Characteristics

  • Operates on 2G networks providing roaming
  • Gets activated at predefined time frames or according to the embedded motion sensor and sends location and battery status data.
  • When motion is sensed, sends updated location data every 1 hour during
  • Easy installation – make sure upper part of device faces the sky and lower part of device with logo is down (logo down)
    • Simply by place and trace since its small form factor allows for the device to be easily concealed.
    • Using zip ties to place the device at the point of user preference
    • Using double-sided tape at the point of user preference
  • Easy to change batteries by the end user
  • AT2 devices come in a compact IP67 rated housing (waterproof)


2. Device Operation in FC Plus
2.1 FC Plus

Devices arrive at customers preconfigured and ready to be used.

End user does not need to setup any of the devices, only settings in regards with assigning names is required.

Fleet Complete Customer Support can help with this process.

2.1.1 FC Plus Settings
After logging in to the FCPlus platform the information provided is as follows:


In that screen all available devices are listed.

In order for the user to set naming of devices and assign people or objects to them, users can navigate to top right corner and select «Settings».


The actions that users required to perform are as follows:  

  1. In the main screen select the «Settings» on the top right corner of the platform.
  2. Select «Vehicles» to see the list of available devices.
  3. Find the IMEI number that is on AT2 device
  4. On «Properties» tab on the right hand side you can insert a description of your asset for you to identify amongst other devices.
  5. Click on «Save» button for changes to take effect.
2.1.2 FC Tracking Screen
In the FCPlus main screen you can have a total overview of the fleet of assets or vehicles, and by selecting specific asset / vehicle, you can have data is it concenrs its location, speed, voltage as well as having historical data of motion by selecting the «Open Track» option

The tracking screen will provide location updates according to the default DDS (Device Data Settings) of the device while being in Motion.

If you require any changes to the DDS settings Fleet Complete Customer Support will assist you doing so.



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