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Caution! Devices are delivered with partially charged internal batteries. During initial setup, do not use devices with existing battery levels. Connect the device to the power supply until they are fully charged. After devices are fully charged, they can be used.


Caution! There is a risk of explosion if you replace the internal battery with a non- approved type of battery. Manage disposal of used batteries according to environmental compliance guidelines.


Waste Management: Equipment must not be disposed of with other household waste. The product must be transported to special collection points at the end of its life cycle.


MGS30 is a small, smart and waterproof GPS tracking device, with internal high gain antenna, that connects directly to the vehicle’s battery (12 or 24 Volt) under the hood.

Device is equipped with special clamp connectors for fast power cable connection to the car battery.

It uses its internal accelerometer to sense ignition on and has internal battery to keep monitoring available when the battery of the vehicle starts losing power.

Basic Characteristics:

  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Recording of trips, distance traveled and speed of the vehicle
  • Internal battery allows device to detect vehicle battery disconnections or low battery state
MGS30 Specifications
Cellular Technology 2G
Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS Multi-Slot class 12, GPRS Mobile Station Class B
Data Support via SMS
Receiver: 33 channel
Tracking Sensitivity: -165 dBm
Accuracy: <3m
Hot Start: <1s
Warm Start: <25s
Cold Start: < 35s
IP Rating IP65
Input Voltage Range 10-30V with overvoltage protection
Back-up Battery 170mAh Li-Ion battery 3.7V (up to ~1 hour of tracking when vehicle battery disconnected)
Power Consumption @ 12V DC < 4.5 mA (Ultra Deep Sleep)
< 6 mA (Deep Sleep)
< 9mA (Online Sleep)
< 11mA (GPS Sleep)
< 26mA (nominal)
Sensors Accelerometer and gyroscope
Dimensions 92,5 * 57,6 * 14 mm (L*W*H)
Weight 63 g


Package contents:

  1. Fleet complete MGS30 device with embedded SIM card for device transmission of data to the Internet




Installation - Mounting

The MGS30 is a Plug &Play device and as such, no special installation knowledge is required, and the installation can be carried out by the user of the system.

To perform the installation the following will be required:

  • a cloth – to clean the battery surface will be required – and
  • a wrench (size nr9-10) depending on the vehicle battery to unscrew the bolts and place the special connectors.

Please watch the video below on How to install the MGS30 by Fleet Complete.

Detailed instructions follow  

Installed on the Battery

1. Switch off the Engine of your vehicle, remove the keys and secure its position by using the handbrake.


2. Locate the battery / accumulator in your vehicle. If a cover exists, remove it to access the poles of the battery.

3. Make sure to clean the battery surface from dust before sticking the adhesive side down.

4. The device comes with a double-sided tape on its back; use it to attach the device on the battery, so that the logo of the device faces up the sky (integrated antenna pointing to satellites).


Device power wire is designed to be directly bolted to the negative terminal of the vehicle battery



Device power wire is designed to be directly bolted to the positive terminal of the vehicle battery (12 or 24 volt)

5. Device power wires should point to the front of the vehicle. Make sure to place the device with the LED’s pointing to the direction of the vehicle


6. Use the provided device connectors to fasten the Negative (Black – Ground) and then the Positive (10-30V DC) pole of the device to the battery.

After installing the device, please use the credentials received by Fleet Complete to login to your account and start monitoring your vehicle.

Status and Navigation LED

Once device is installed, then the device LED indicators will start blinking.


The meaning of LED status is explained in the tables below:

Mode Status LED
Normal Blinking every second
Sleep Blinking every two seconds
Blinking fast for short time Modem Activity
Off Device not working or Device in boot mode


Mode Navigation LED
GNSS signal not received Permanently switched on
Normal Mode, GNSS is working Blinking every second

GNSS is turned off:

Device not working or

Device in Sleep Mode
Device Firmware is being flashed Blinking fast constantly


Example installation in a private vehicle

MGS30 device was installed directly on the battery of a private vehicle.

When the vehicle starts moving (with or without ignition turned on) the tracker wakes up and starts tracking.


In the FCPlus main screen you can have a total overview of the fleet of assets or vehicles, and by selecting specific asset/vehicle, you can have trip data by selecting “Open Track” option.

Historical data of an 81 kilometre drive is shown below:


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