Compare with fuellings


Compare with fuellings is simple report, what shows fuel expenses together with actual fuellings, when expenses stay into 30-minute window compared with fuellings.


  • Vehicle must have some fuel sensor support
  • User must insert fuellings into expenses module with system type *FUEL
  • make sure that fuelling time is correct

How it works

Report generator takes list of fuellings, and tries to take expense records next to them, where expense type is *FUEL and it's timestamp is maximum 15 minute earlier or 15 minute later. If no expense matches with fuelling time, expense data is left empty.


Report contains following columns:

  • date of fuelling
  • time of fuelling
  • vehicle name
  • amount of expense, if available
  • sum of expense, if available
  • amount of real fuelling, from sensor or CAN
  • difference in litres: fuelling minus expense
  • difference %, calculated like that:
    difference = (fuelling - expense) / expense * 100


  • There is no data: make sure that vehicle has fuellings in fuel report
  • there is no expense data: make sure that expenses have type *Fuel and their timestamp is not earlier or later than 15 minute compared with fuelling. If you want to see all fuellings and expenses, you need to use Fuel report with expenses instead.

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