Fuel report with expenses


Fuel report with expenses is based on fuel report, and gives overview of all fuellings and expenses over requested period, and pairs them together if possible. Unlike compare with fuellings, it shows all expenses in separate rows, if needed.


This report does not require specifically, that vehicle must have fuel support, but if you want to see fuellings together with expenses, this report is designed for showing them both together.

Also, this report shows only expenses with system type *Fuel. Make sure that you have attached right type to expenses.


  • First, system asks for fuel report data
  • Then, system asks for expenses from desired time period, where type is *Fuel
  • For every expense row, system tries to match it with fuelling: they must stay into common 30 minute window, not earlier than 15 minutes nor later than 15 minutes.
  • If there is no match for fuelling in expenses, expense is added as separate row to report


This report has fixed set of columns:

  • vehicle name: report is grouped by this column default
  • date of fuelling or expense
  • time of fuelling or expense (if expense is tied with fuelling, fuelling time is used)
  • provider: fuelling location, or if expense alone, value from expense - provider field
  • before: fuel level before fuelling, if there is any at that time
  • by sensor: fuelling according to sensor/CANBus, if there is fuelling row
  • by expense: if there is expense that time, it shows expense amount
  • difference: if fuelling and expense are together, difference in percents is shown:
    percent = (fuelling - expense) / expense * 100
  • difference l
    difference = fuelling - expense
  • after: fuel level after fuelling, if there was fuelling on that row

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