Fuel report


Fuel report gives overview of fuellings.


Vehicle must have some sort of fuel sensor or CAN fuel, what is able to record fuel amount in car tank.


This report has following columns:

  • Object name
  • Date - day, when fuelling occurred
  • Time - exact time when fuelling started
  • Location - is filled in following order, if happens to be in following areas:
    1. fuel station name
    2. area name
    3. address of site, where fuelling took place
  • Before - how much fuel was in tank before refuelling
  • Refueled - how much fuel was poured into tank
  • After - how much fuel was in tank after refuelling
  • Driver - if there is driver authentication enabled on that vehicle, driver, who was associated with car during that time via RFID, Tacho or other authentication method.

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