Api/People/save adds or edits new person.


API user must have permission to add or change people.


Api/People/save (id, email, isUser, isDriver, password, firstName, lastName, employeeId, phone, department, externalId, apiKey, driverKey, skills, roles, vehicles, privateZones, homeAddress, objectRightsType, objectsRightData)
  • id: unique number of existing address. If you leave it empty, you are adding new person
  • email: for users, mandatory. For drivers, optional
  • isUser: any nonzero value indicates, that you are creating user
  • isDriver: any nonzero value indicates, that you are creating driver
  • password:
  • firstName:
  • lastName:
  • employeeId:
  • phone:
  • department: must exist in list of current departments, otherwise it would be ignored
  • externalId: unique string of person. Only one person can have same ExternalId at once, otherwise database error is triggered.
  • apiKey: set it if you want to add API key to user
  • driverKey: adds driver key to list of existing driver keys of that person
  • skills: must exist, otherwise gets ignored.
  • roles: must exist, otherwise gets ignored
  • vehicles: list of objectId-s (array of numbers)
  • privateZones: must exists, otherwise gets ignored
  • homeAddress:
  • objectRightsType: works only if you are setting up user. Possible values are: all, id, group.
      • all: all vehicles are visible to user
      • id (individual): fixed list of vehicles are visible to user
      • group: vehicles belonging to specified groups are visible to user
  • objectsRightData: depending on objectRightsType, it should have following contents.
      • id: list of object id-s, what are visible to user
      • group: list of groups, what are assigned to user. User can see vehicles, what belong to those groups.
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