Vehicle groups


If you are sharing out vehicles to users in settings/people, one way to share them out is via vehile groups. You can adjust them in Settings/Vehicle groups. This article explains logic behind those groups.

Where they are used

You can assign groups to vehicles and people. Groups on vehicles mark, where they belong, and groups on people give permission to what vehicles that person can see. See logic below.

Main groups and subgroups

There are two kind of groups: main groups, and subgroups. Every main group may have unlimited count of subgroups, but also exist alone.


There is certain logic between groups. You must bear it mind, when you set up group system for your account. User can see only vehicles, what have same groups, what match to group logic user has.

There are four ways, how you can use groups:

  1. only one main group and lots of subgroups inside it
  2. more than one main groups and subgroups inside them
  3. main groups only
  4. mixed single main groups and main groups with subgroups inside them

Main rule for groups: OR between single main groups and subgroups inside one main group; AND between groups having subgroups. Here is more detailed overview:

  1. between subgroups inside main group: at least one subgroup must be common
  2. between subgroups from multiple main groups: it takes all cars, what have common subgroups in all main groups
  3. between main groups only: it shows vehicles, what have at least one common member with user (works like subgroups inside one main group)
  4. with mixed subgroups and main groups: it shows vehicles, what have at least one common subgroup inside specified main group with user, and have at least one common main group
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